paths, patios, stairs and walls can be installed for your home or business in Eugene, Oregon.

Paths, Patios, Stairs and Walls

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Paths, patios, stairs and retaining walls add beautiful, functional and practical dimensions to your landscape!

Constructed of natural stone or prefabricated pavers, our paths and stairs provide a walkway to the house, a hidden garden, small pool or other outdoor focal point while the patios add outdoor living spaces for dining or entertaining.

Made of natural stone or block, our retaining walls hold back soil, level planting areas, create a sitting area or can be added just for visual interest!

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Beautiful pathway and patio created out of natural stone installed in Eugene, Oregon   Stunning, long pathway wandering around the house into the backyard   Large backyard patio perfect for outdoor entertaining.   Beautiful rough and natural looking stairway and path.   Paths, Patios, Stairs and Walls
Natural rock path   Beautiful, natural looking stone pathway wandering around lush plants into the backyard of Eugene Oregon home.   Mix of large and small flat rocks used to create a natural looking path and stairway.   Large backyard patio and pathway   Natural pathway leading from the front of the house into the back yard.
Shallow retaining wall made of natural looking rocks used to contain beautiful plants.   Natural looking large stone steps leading up a hill.            

Please click on the above pictures to view the larger version

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